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Freezing vol8
Featured Character Arnett McMillan
Release date 2010-08-25
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Freezing Volume 8 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 008Edit

Original Japanese edition


Having claimed ownership over Satellizer, Louis L. Bridget has Holly Rose attack Kazuya when he defies Louis even after learning that Satellizer's Stigmata belonged to his sister Kazuha Aoi. Satellizer blocks Holly's attack and the two girls fight. Holly, the top ranked junior in England, easily surpasses Satellizer's speed with superior control of her High End Skills. Satellizer pushes herself and activates the Holy Gates. As Kazuya negates Louis' Freezing, Satellizer performs an Accel-Tempest to slash Holly then a direct frontal attack to defeat her. Prodded by an angry Louis, Holly gets up and asks Louis if he ever loved her, but when Luis rejects her, she attempts a murder/suicide by stabbing him, and both of them go off the cliff. Satellizer jumps to their rescue and succeeds. Louis recovers in the hospital where Violet, admitting that she knows about Louis' feelings, pushes him to love Holly as she loves him. When she leaves, Louis and Holly reconcile and begin to have a serious relationship.

Following their return to West Genetics, Satellizer and Kazuya learn that the E-Pandora Project, which implants Stigmata into regular people, has been approved by the Chevalier. Chiffon Fairchild, Elizabeth Mably, Satellizer, and Rana are selected to go to Alaska with their Limiters.

In a side story, the third-year and second-year girls have a mixed soccer match, however, their tackling manoeuvres result in clothes being shredded.


This volume contains 7 chapters, covering Part II of the Siblings Arc and the first chapter of the E-Pandora Project Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 46
Chapter 046 Cover
Mark of Slavery Siblings Arc Louis exposes his relationship with Satellizer to Kazuya.
Chapter 47
Chapter 047 Cover
Bonds Siblings Arc Kazuya Aoi learns the truth about Satellizer L. Bridget's Stigmata's.
Chapter 48
Chapter 048 Cover
Released Shackles Siblings Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Holly Rose
Chapter 49
Chapter 049 Cover
Siblings I Siblings Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Holly Rose, Holly tries to kill Louis L. Bridget along with herself. The story cuts to a flashback, featuring Louis' perspective on his relationship with his sister.
Chapter 50
Chapter 050 Cover
Siblings II Siblings Arc Satellizer L. Bridget saves her brother and Holly Rose. Violet talks to Louis; Satellizer and Kazuya leave Bali.
Chapter 51
Chapter 51 Cover
E-Pandora Project E-Pandora Project Arc A new project that uses normal people has been approved. A West Genetics contingent is ordered to attend the project in Alaska.
Chapter 52
Chapter 052 Cover
Forget That; Let's Play Soccer Filler Chapter Creo Brand arranges a game of soccer with 3rd year Pandora and underclassmen. 



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