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Volume 9
Freezing vol9
Featured Character Amelia Evans
Release date 2010-10-30
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Freezing Volume 9 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 009Edit


At the Alaska Base, Satellizer, Rana, and Kazuya meet Pandora from the other academies including Roxanne Elipton, Charles Bonaparte and Julia Munberk, three of the highest ranked third-year student across all Genetics academies. The Pandora are welcomed by Scarlet Ohara, who is the head doctor of the Evolution Pandora (E-Pandora) Project, where ordinary girls who are implanted with Stigmata are trained to become Pandora. The regular Pandora participate in a series of duels with the E-Pandoras; in the third duel, Elizabeth Mably easily defeats Amelia Evans without using her Volt Weapon, but Amelia keeps trying until she cannot move anymore. Following the E-Pandora's poor results, the Chevalier presses Ohara to administer the MARK IV drug to the E-Pandora, which Elizabeth Mably finds sketchy believing that normal girls, from the start, are simply unable to become real Pandora. She questions the ethics of this human experimentation. Jina Purpleton volunteers as the first test subject; she has a successful demonstration, but her body breaks down and she turns into a Nova form.


This volume contains 7 chapters, covering Part I of the E-Pandora Project Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 53
Chapter 53 Cover
Sub-Zero Tundra E-Pandora Project Arc Kazuya Aoi, Satellizer L. Bridget, and Rana Linchen arrive in Alaska, and a banquet is held with Pandora across the world to celebrate the E-Pandora Project.
Chapter 54
Chapter 054 Cover
Pandora vs. Pandora E-Pandora Project Arc Mock battles are held between the Pandora and the E-Pandora, and the Pandora are far superior.
Chapter 55
Chapter 055 Cover
Difference In Strength E-Pandora Project Arc The final mock battle between the Pandora and the E-Pandora pits Elizabeth Mably against a fiercely determined Amelia Evans.
Chapter 56
Chapter 056 Cover
Those Who Crawl Along The Ground E-Pandora Project Arc Due to the poor showings of the E-Pandora in the mock battles, the Chevalier decide to use a special medicine called Mark IV.
Chapter 57
Chapter 057 Cover
MARK IV E-Pandora Project Arc The original Pandora's discuss how Mark IV and Project Synchro look suspicious. Dr. Scarlett Ohara and Amelia Evans discuss Mark IV and its dangers.
Chapter 58
Chapter 58 Cover
Scarlett Ohara E-Pandora Project Arc A flashback of a confrontation between Dr. Gengo Aoi and Dr. Scarlett Ohara is shown over the mapping of Maria Lancelot's genetic map.
The Synchro test begins with E-Pandora Gina Papleton as the first test subject. 
Chapter 59
Chapter 059 Cover
The Cost of Sacrifice I E-Pandora Project Arc Jina Purpleton demonstrates great prowess after being injected with the Mark IV, but it is all as a lie as the drug begins to kill Jina, leading to impossible results.



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