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Volume 11
Featured Character Julia Munberk
Release date 2011-07-27
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Freezing Volume 11 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 011Edit

Original Japanese edition


Upon Elizabeth Mably's electrocution for treason, her Limiter André Françoise laments being unable to help her. Meanwhile, Satellizer gets a call from her stepmother Olivia L. Bridget, who offers to help if she is in trouble, but she declines needing help for anything at the moment. As the E-Pandora Project continues despite Jina Purpleton's death, Scarlett Ohara is ordered by Marks Spencer to administer the Mark IV to all of the first-generation E-Pandoras knowing that Spencer intends to have the E-Pandora killed. Amelia tries to be the sole E-Pandora to recieve the drug in order to spare her comrades, but Scarlett tells her that the decision is out of her hands. Later Amelia and her fellow E-Pandora come together and decide to rebel against the Chevalier, dying as real Pandora and on their own terns. Hopefully, at least one of them will make it out alive to inform the public of the Chevalier's crimes.

During the night, the girls break into the lab and activate their Stigmata by injecting themselves with the MARK IV drug, inciting a rebellion. Chevalier Pandora are promptly dispersed to silence the rebellion at all costs. Andre informs Satellizer, Rana and Kazuya of the truth of the situation, causing Satellizer to storm off for answers. Elizabeth awakens from her coma and decides to aid the E-Pandora.

Elizabeth is intercepted by Chiffon, but Chiffon has not received any orders to stop Elizabeth and thus allows her act on her beliefs by helping Amelia and the E-Pandora. Satellizer joins the E-Pandora rebellion, intending to confront the Chevalier and thus dragging Rana and Kazuya into the rebellion with her. The trio enounter Julia who is about to kill an E-Pandora. Rana and Satellizer briefly battle her and Kazuya is unable to help as his Freezing is neutralized by Julia's Limiter. 

Rana and Satellizer intend to push themselves but Cassie Lockheart tells the three to press on. Cassie and her Limiter Kyoichi Minase join the E-Pandora rebellion as their way of paying back Satellizer for not killing Cassie during the 10th Nova Clash. When Cassie and Julia begin their battle, the prove relatively even, but Julia has the edge. In response, Cassie launches into her trademarked Quadruple Accel outpacing Julia's sonic attacks and bashing her twice. However, Julia deploys her Volt Weapon and severs her opponent's arm. Meanwhile, The trio then encounter Amelia who thinks they are enemies, but Satellizer explains that she is on their side.

Elizabeth opens fire on Satellizer too until they realize they are both on the same side too. They are interrupted by the arrival of Charles Bonaparte and her Limiter Citroen who threaten to kill them all for high treason. Elizabeth tells the others to push on while she and Andre stand against the French Pandora in a battle that risks Andre dying from Novalization.


This volume contains 7 chapters, covering the conclusion of the E-Pandora Project Arc and Part I of the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 66
Chapter 066 Cover
Ideals and Reality E-Pandora Project Arc Satellizer has a conversation with her step-mother.
The E-Pandora are informed of the upcoming Mark IV tests, the tests meant to eliminate them together.
Chapter 67
Chapter 067 Cover
Ruthless Decision E-Pandora Project Arc Amelia Evans attempts to become the sole candidate for future Mark IV tests. When she is denied, Amelia correctly her fellow E-Pandora in rebellion.
Chapter 68
Chapter 068 Cover
Rebellion E-Pandora Rebellion Arc The E-Pandora inject themselves with the Mark IV and begin their rebellion. The Chevalier deploys their forced to stop them, including the world-ranked Pandora.
Satellizer learns the truth.
Chapter 69
Chapter 069 Cover
Elizabeth's Resolve E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably decides to aid the E-Pandora escape.
Cassie Lockheart intervenes in Satellizer and Rana's fight Julia Munberk.
Chapter 70
Chapter 070 Cover
Rebels E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Amelia Evans runs into Satellizer and Rana, who has joined her mission. Elizabeth Mably arrives as well just in time to combat Charles Bonaparte.
Chapter 71
Chapter 071 Cover
Clashing Ideals E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Cassie Lockheart vs. Julia Munberk

Elizabeth Mably instructs Rana Linchen, Satellizer L. Bridget, and Amelia Evans to continue their escape while she battles Charles Bonaparte.

Chapter 72
Chapter 72 Cover
Fierce Battle E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Cassie Lockheart vs. Julia Munberk

Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte; André Françoise risks Novalization during the battle.



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