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Volume 12
Featured Character Chiffon Fairchild
Release date 2011-10-27
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Freezing Volume 12 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 012Edit

Original Japanese edition


Satellizer L. Bridget, Rana Linchen, and Amelia Evans are continue their rebellion against Chevalier by defeating several Pandora quite easily. until the arrival of Chiffon Fairchild and Eugene. Chiffon promises Satellizer that she won't be needing her full power to defeat her.

André Françoise continues to use his Freezing to stop Charles Bonaparte and her clones during Elizabeth Mably's battle against the world-ranked Pandora. Charles overwhelms her opponents by activating the new and improved Vital Sigma-Type Pandora Mode. Charles expresses doubt about Elizabeth's Noblisse Oblige as the story cuts to Charles' childhood with her adoptive father Marks Spencer in a flashback. fter the flashback, Elizabeth questions her own ideologies causing Andre to force an Omnidirectional Freezing, giving Elizabeth the time to generate her most powerful attack and defeat Charles.

Cassie Lockheart and Julia Munberk continue their heated battle with Julia having severed Cassie's arm. Cassie returns the favor with her new technique Stigmata Amplification that bypass Julia's Mach 3 Division Wave.

Satellizer, Amelia, and Rana begin their battle with Chiffon who terrifies Satellizer with her potential. Amelia presses forward, but Rana and Satellizer their Holy Gates, tag-teaming Chiffon with immense power. However, Chiffon impossibly endures their attacks and rips off Rana's arms before smashing Satellizer's skull into the wall. 

Meanwhile, Amelia enters Nova Form and reaches Scarlett's lab and soon Scarlett herself. Amelia stumbles upon Scarlett's secret experiments: the Type-Maria clones.


This volume contains 8 chapters, covering Part II of the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 73
Chapter 073 Cover
Conflict I E-Pandora Project Arc Satellizer L. Bridget, Rana Linchen, and Amelia Evans continue in their rebellion until they are stopped by Chiffon Fairchild, who promises to crush them.
Charles and Elizabeth continue to battle with Charles assuming new armor when Elizabeth finally gains the upper hand
Chapter 74
Chapter 074 Cover
Conflict II E-Pandora Project Arc Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte; Charles critically wounds Elizabeth.
The story cuts to a flashback where Charles, a poor orphan was adopted by Marks Spencer.
Chapter 75
Chapter 075 Cover
Charles Bonaparte E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Charles reveals the origin and drive of her ethics, but Elizabeth's Limiter André Françoise refuses to be moved by her sad story.
Chapter 76
Chapter 076 Cover
Condition for Victory E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte
André risks his life to give Elizabeth the critical opening to finally defeat Charles.
Chapter 77
Chapter 077 Cover
Difference in Experience E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably and Charles leave their battle unresolved with their ethical differences.
Cassie Lockheart surpasses her Quadruple Accel against Julia Munberk deal a critical blow, and Chiffon Fairchild proves to resilient for Satellizer or her teammates to deal any damage.
Chapter 78
Chapter 078 Cover
Monster I E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild
A contingent of Chevalier Pandora is seen upon air transport heading toward Alaska Base, along with Holly Rose and Louis L. Bridget.
Chapter 79
Chapter 079 Cover
Monster II E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild
Chapter 80
Chapter 080 Cover
An Unforgivable Existence E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Amelia Evans continues to Scarlett Ohara's lab, neutralizing a Chevalier Pandora by activating stigmata form. Chiffon Fairchild has defeated both Satellizer and Rana.



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