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Volume 13
Featured Character Roxanne Elipton
Release date 2012-02-29
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Freezing Volume 13 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 013Edit

Original Japanese edition


Amelia discovers that Ohara has been making clones of Maria Lancelot as an unauthorized project using the E-Pandora Project as a cover-up that was doomed to fail from the start. Betrayed, Amelia attacks Scarlett, but the doctor has set up an electrical field that shocks Amelia. Instead of dying, Amelia's emotions overflow and her Stigmata responds, causing her to go berserk and turns into an actual Nova, instigating the 11th Nova Clash. The Type-Maria clones Scarlett was developing break out of their test tubes and Amelia absorbs them. The room begins to crumble and a large slab of the ceiling appears to crush the stunned Scarlett Ohara.

The Pandoras begin to react to Amelia’s influence, and two Chevalier Pandora fully transform in to a Type-S and another new type of Nova. While Roxanne is able to resist Amelia's call, Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen are corrupted and turn into Nova Forms. The stand up and prepare to battle Chiffon Fairchild once more. Chiffon's once unstoppable defences are steadily broken through by Rana and Satellizer. Rana is able to generate eight clones of herself and Satellizer is given the strength to pierce through Chiffon's chest. Under Eugene's instruction, Kazuya performs an Omnidirectional Freezing to reach Rana and Satellizer, but it is Rana who saves Kazuya when he becomes lost in his own memories and then Satellizer by playfully threatening to steal Kazuya from her. The two return to normal and Chiffon explains to them that the 11th Nova Clash had begun.

Meanwhile, Gengo Aoi has arrived at the base with Su-Na Lee, Louis L. Bridget, and Holly Rose in order to apprehend Marks Spencer for his crimes against the E-Pandora. Gengo takes full command of the situation and deploys the Chevalier to combat the Nova while Su-Na rallies the boys and girls of Genetics into the Nova Clash. Cassie Lockheart and Julia Munberk's battle ends in a draw and they proceed to assist their fellow Pandora with their Limiters, soon joined by Holly and Louis. With all forces converged on the Type-S and Unknown-Type Nova, the Type-Amelia makes its way to the Solar Furnace and it releases at least seventy Type-Maria clones from its body that Roxanne Elipton and her team must fight.

Only Chiffon, Satellizer, Rana, Eugene, and Kazuya stand between Amelia and the Solar Furnace. Due to the severity of the situation, Chiffon gets serious, opening her eyes for the first time, and takes on Amelia. In ensuring battle, Chiffon demonstrates the totality of her might and eventually fully merges with her Volt Weapon to fire multiple particle beams at once. However, Chiffon's power comes at a steep price and her body begin breaking down.


This volume contains 8 chapters, covering the conclusion of the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc and Part I of the 11th Nova Clash Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 81
Chapter 081 Cover
The Forbidden Door E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Scarlett Ohara reveals her plan for the Project Maria while the E-Pandora Project was only a cover-up. Betrayed, Amelia succumbs her anger and despair and evolves into a real Nova.
Chapter 82
Chapter 082 Cover
Resonance I 11th Nova Clash Arc As a real Nova, Amelia fuses with the Type-Maria clones new type of Nova, and she resonates with several Pandora. Rana Linchen and Satellizer L. Bridget respond to Amelia's call.
Chapter 83
Chapter 083 Cover
Resonance II 11th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild
Chapter 84
Chapter 084 Cover
Connected Hearts 11th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild

Chiffon Fairchild risks needing to kill Satellizer and Rana. Eugene teaches Kazuya the true meaning of Freezing.

Chapter 85
Chapter 085 Cover
The Depths of One's Memories 11th Nova Clash Arc Kazuya Aoi uses his Freezing to pull Satellizer and Rana out of Nova Form. Chiffon informs them that the 11th Nova Clash has begun.
Chapter 86
Chapter 086 Cover
Anti-Nova I 11th Nova Clash Arc The Pandora loose half of their fighting forces. To stop the Nova Amelia Evans, Chiffon Fairchild and opens her eyes.
Chapter 87
Chapter 087 Cover
Anti-Nova II 11th Nova Clash Arc Chiffon Fairchild continues to battle Amelia. Roxanne Elipton and her team engage the Type-Maria clones.
Chapter 88
Chapter 088 Cover
Illusion Turn 11th Nova Clash Arc Chiffon Fairchild continues to fight one on one with Amelia and is able to stop it's movement after a fierce attack comprised of Maria's form, Illusion Turn and multiple copies.



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