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Freezing Volume 15 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 015Edit

Original Japanese edition


It summer time at West Genetics and a few months have past since the 11th Nova Clash and the failure of the E-Pandora Project, who has scarred the reputation of the Chevalier. Gengo Aoi, backed by Howard L. Bridget, announces a new project called Valkyrie, which also allows normal girls to assume Pandora powers with temporary Injection Stigmata, and the girls will début at West Genetics in the coming days. At the academy, Arnett McMillan, now the second ranked third-year student, asks Satellizer L. Bridget to help her and her friends watch over Ticy Phenyl's leadership, but Satellizer declines believing that Arnett and the other are more than enough to fill the void left by Elizabeth. As a consolation of sorts, the two agree to become friends. The Valkyries, a group a five, are later introduced and they demonstrate their incredibly strength by decimating a Type-S dummy Nova. The five girls are then revealed: Lucy Renault, Christine Evora, Tiziana Ferrari, Franka Porsche, and team leader Ouka Honda, whose presence worries Kazuya. Following the demo of the Valkyries’ power, Platoon 13 is established with the Valkyries, Satellizer and Rana as West Genetics' Pandora representatives, and Kazuya are the West Genetics Limiter representative. Ouka Honda, whose name is revealed to be "Ouka Tenjouin," is also Kazuya's cousin, announces that she is his fiancée by arranged marriage, upsetting Rana and Satellizer. Kazuya and Ouka share a heated discussion, which is interrupted by the other Pandora-Limiter cadets of Platoon 13, Cassie Lockheart, Kyoichi Minase, Charles Bonaparte, Citroen, Roxanne Elipton, and Shi-Jing Hong as well as the platoon leader Su-Na Lee. After this team is formed, Kazuya and Ouka share another angry discussion but at night, Kazuya learns why Ouka joined the Valkyries.


This volume contains 8 chapters, covering Part I of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 097
A New Rival Appears!? Valkyrie Introduction Arc Gengo Aoi announces Valkyrie ProjectHoward L. Bridget and Gengo subtly disapproves of Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi's closeness.
Chapter 098
Chapter 98 Cover
Exercise Valkyrie Introduction Arc Arnett McMillan asks Satellizer L. Bridget to join her team.
Chapter 099
Chapter 99 Cover
Valkyries I Valkyrie Introduction Arc A demonstration of Valkyries' skills is held at West Genetics against a simulacrum Nova.
Chapter 100
Chapter 100 Cover
Valkyries II Valkyrie Introduction Arc The Valkyries defeat the simulacrum and they are introduced: Lucy Renault, Franka Porsche, Christine Evora, Tiziana Ferrari and Ouka Honda.
Chapter 101
Chapter 101 Cover
A Promise for a Rival Valkyrie Introduction Arc Platoon 13 is formed at West Genetics, featuring Genetics' strongest. Ouka Tenjouin is revealed to be cousin of Kazuya and his fiancée.
Chapter 102
Chapter 102 Cover
Ouka Tenjouin Valkyrie Introduction Arc Kazuya Aoi and Ouka Honda engage in an argument about their arranged marriage and Kazuya refusing to accept the pre-planned marriage. Soon, the remaining members of Platoon 13 are revealed and Su-Na Lee is announced as their leader.
Chapter 103
Chapter 103 Cover
Platoon 13 Valkyrie Introduction Arc As Platoon 13 is formed, Ouka confronts Satellizer and Kazuya about their relationship.
Chapter 104
Chapter 104 Cover
What Kazuha Has Left Valkyrie Introduction Arc Kazuya and Ouka have a heated discussion about Ouka's status as a Valkyrie. Franka Porsche further explains Kazuya's unique Stigma Body.



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