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Volume 18
Freezing vol18
Featured Character Tiziana Ferrari
Release date 2013-03-27
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Freezing Volume 18 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 018Edit

Original Japanese edition


The Valkyries attack the dummy Novas with their Plasma Texture while displaying abilities that far supersede the skills they demonstrated during the exhibition. Following the destruction one of the dummies, Headquarters detects the presence of N1 Novas all over the battlefield. Meanehile Satellizer regresses into Nova Form and must repeatedly regenerate her limbs and she continues to struggle against the illusion of Kazuha, but inadvertently stabs Kazuya in the chest. Arnett McMillan has regressed into Nova Form and she approaches Charles Bonaparte and Roxanne Elipton. Charles faces Arnett to stalemate because Charles is unable to push her Stigmata and Arnett cuts off one her her arms. As a result, Roxanne steps in and is revealed to have Plasma Textured as well. Meanwhile, Satellizer achieves transcendence after she revives Kazuya. Although the Valkyries defeat three of the dummy Novas, the Nova cores break up to form smaller saurian Novas, which ravage the Pandoras and their Limiters. Kazuha blesses the transcended Satellizer to look after Kazuya. The two try to return to the battlefield where they find Rana who has defeated the illusion of her sister to achieve transcendence as well. At the other end of the conflict, Ticy Phenyl cowers in fear as she is taunted by Chiffon Fairchild’s illusion. In the sky, a female Nova figure, the Nova Commander, watches over the battle.


This volume contains 6 chapters and covers Part II of 12th Nova Clash Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 121
Chapter 121 Cover
Plan 12th Nova Clash Arc The Valkyries move to annihilate the dummy Nova. Satellizer rises to keep fighting the illusion of Kazuha.
Chapter 122
Chapter 122 Cover
Transcendence 12th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Kazuha Aoi

Arnett McMillan vs. Charles Bonaparte and Roxanne Elipton

Chapter 123
Chapter 123 Cover
With All Yourself 12th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget continues to battle Kazuha Aoi but shockingly pierces through Kazuya.
Chapter 124
Chapter 124 Cover
New Power 12th Nova Clash Arc Roxanne effortlessly defeats Arnett. Satellizer transcends.
Chapter 125
Chapter 125 Cover
Beyond 12th Nova Clash Arc Headquarters question why the Valkyries hold the Plasma Weapons but not the Pandora.
Chapter 126
Chapter 126 Cover
New Life Forms 12th Nova Clash Arc Small, Unknown-Type Nova swarm the training grounds and dominate the Genetics Pandora. Another Unknown-Type hovers above them all.



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