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Volume 19
Freeznig volume 19 cover
Featured Character Lucy Renault
Release date 2013-05-29
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Freezing Volume 19 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 019Edit

Original Japanese edition


The Chevalier are deployed to the site of the 12th Nova Clash, but they can only fight at limited strength so as regress into Nova Form. The Valkyries falso ace on the Nova in a losing battle, leading Lucy Renault to somehow kill it with a single blow. The Nova commander has the other dummy Novas break up into hundreds more saurian creatures to join the fray. Sister Margaret confronts Gengo over his actions where she deduces that he has essentially allowed this clash to happen because he did not try to stop Seiga Heavy Industries from their scheme to try to overthrow him, which resulted in catastrophic consequences.

Back on the battlefield, Roxanne Elipton had cleanly defeated Arnett McMillan but she and Charles are soon confronted by the saurian Nova. Roxanne holds them back while Charles flees with Arnett. Roxanne is soon fronted directly by the Nova Commander. Soon after, Charles drops Arnett when she attacked by more Nova. Arnett awakens to assist Charles, but they are both nearly killed until they are saved by Transcendent Pandora Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen with Kazuya's help.

Ticy Phenyl continues to struggle against the illusion of Chiffon until  Elizabeth Mably and André Françoise arrive from England to help her defeat a Humanoid Nova. All three are overwhelmed until the illusion of Chiffon proves real and gifts Ticy transcendence. 

Meanwhile, Su-Na Lee has been deployed to one of Gengo's old summer homes.


This volume contains 7 chapters and covers Part III of 12th Nova Clash Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 127
Chapter 127 Cover
Anxiety 12th Nova Clash Arc The Chevalier arrive at the site of the clash. The Nova Commander summons more and more soldiers.
Chapter 128
Chapter 128 Cover
Growth 12th Nova Clash Arc Sister Margaret confronts Gengo Aoi on the current events. The Humanoid Nova overwhelm the Chevalier. 
Chapter 129
Chapter 129 Cover
Sacrifice 12th Nova Clash Arc Roxanne sacrifices herself.
Chapter 130
Chapter 130 Cover
Courage 12th Nova Clash Arc Arnett awakens and rushes to Charles' aid as she loses another arm. Arnett fights three Humanoid Nova alone as Charles is captured. When Arnett is nearly killed, as assailant blows off one of the Nova's heads.
Chapter 131
Chapter 131 Cover
Overwhelming 12th Nova Clash Arc Satella and Rana demonstrate their transcendent might.
Chapter 132
Chapter 132 Cover
Return 12th Nova Clash Arc Ticy proves uncertain and terrified until an old friend arrives. 
Chapter 133
Chapter 133 Cover
Trust 12th Nova Clash Arc Ticy transcends.



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