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Volume 21
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Featured Character Windy May
Release date 2013-10-05
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Freezing Volume 21 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 021Edit

Original Japanese edition


Upon Windy May's arrival, she heals Satellizer and her friends, including the revival of Roxanne Elipton, before killing the Nova Commander with a swing of her warhammer. The other Legendary Pandora including Lucy converge on the scene and inform everyone that the all of the Humanoid Forms have been destroyed. Gengo arrives on the battlefield with Su-Na Lee and he reveals to Kazuya that Windy and the other Legendary Pandoras are part of his family.

Following the end of the 12th Nova Clash, the Chevalier are growing more frustrated with all of Gengo's secrets. Sister Margaret announces the classifications of the saurian Novas to be N2 / Humanoid Forms, and the Nova commander to be N3 / Pandora-Type Nova. Meanwhile the survivors of the clash are confined onto Gengo's base with none of them given the slightest permission to leave. After Kazuya awakens to Cassandra in his bed, he meets with his grandfather who reveals the truth about the Aoi Family and their connection to the Legendary Pandoras and above all, Maria Lancelot, Kazuya biological grandmother. Kazuya is infuriated by his multitude of secrets and lives and storms out of the room. He leaves to cool his head, telling Satellizer and Rana he does not want to see them for a while, but it leaves Satellizer devastated. Kazuya cries for his sister, and a newly verbal Lucy approaches him, forcing him to realize that he is important to Lucy and her sisters, especially Cassandra.

Meanwhile, Gengo has been planning to defect from the Chevalier with the survivors of the 12th Clash as his soldiers and the Legendary Pandora, Transcendent Pandora, and the Valkyries at the core of his new army; Gengo is also joined by his second-in-command Su-Na. Gengo shares this information with Atsuko Seiga as he offers her a job with his next research project needing her for her expertise on Valkyrie and Faylan technologies. Due to Seiga's partial involvement with the recent clash as well as the new strength Gengo has centralized, Atsuko has no choice but to accept. The West Genetics Pandora and Valkyries are left in the dark about Gengo's actions behind the scenes as well as the real reasons why they cannot return to school, leaving them unsure about what to do next except go the dinner party that Gengo is planning. Similarly, the boiling emotions within the Chevalier fear that Gengo is trying to monopolize the resources needed to protect the world from the Nova.

Frustrated with the progress of her research, Atsuko recruits a Stigmata technology expert: a wheelchair-bound Scarlet Ohara, joined by Amelia Evans.


This volume contains 7 chapters, covering the conclusion of the 12th Nova Clash Arc and Part I of the Busters Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 141
Chapter 141 Cover
The Sisters of Lab 13 I 12th Nova Clash Arc Windy heals the Pandora within her vicinity, even reviving Roxanne. She deals a mighty blow to the Nova Commander.
Chapter 142
Chapter 142 Cover
The Sisters of Lab 13 II 12th Nova Clash Arc The Legendary Pandora defeat all of the Humanoid Nova and the Nova Commander. Gengo arrives on the battlefield and tells Kazuya the Legendary Pandora are his kin. The 12th Nova Clash ends.
Chapter 143
Chapter 143 Cover
Lull Busters Arc The leaders of the Chevalier discuss the events of the 12th Nova Clash and fear Gengo's secrecy. The fifty-seven survivors of the Twelfth Clash are held at Gengo's base.
Chapter 144
Chapter 144 Cover
Distant Memory Busters Arc Cassandra is revealed to be Kazuya's aunt, and Gengo explains Kazuya's true heritage.
Chapter 145
Chapter 145 Cover
Kin Busters Arc Kazuya denounces his relationship to Maria Lancelot.
Chapter 146
Chapter 146 Cover
Definition of a Human Being Busters Arc Kazuya argues with Lucy Renault. Gengo coerces Atsuko Seiga into working with him on his coup against the Chevalier.
Chapter 147
Chapter 147 Cover
Preliminary Battle I Busters Arc The Chevalier fear Gengo's secrecy of the 12th Nova Clash. Atsuko Seiga is having trouble stabilizing the Legendary Stigmata. The Valkyries discuss Lucy Renault and the upcoming party. Elizabeth Mably denies Ticy's offer to become the student council president. A crippled Scarlett Ohara arrives on the base with Amelia Evans.



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