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Freezing Volume 22 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 022Edit

Original Japanese edition


Perceiving Gengo Aoi to be a threat, Radox Phantomheim the ex-Commander of the Chevalier is authorized by rogue members of the Chevalier to hires assassins to kill Gengo. The assassins, known as Busters, consist of three dangerously insane, incarcerated felons with hundreds of years of murder sentences, and one who was not convicted but has a related past of killing Pandoras. Gengo persuades Ohara to join his new research team by revealing the secret about Maria’s status, the fact that she is actually alive. Later, Kazuya is ordered by Su-Na to escort his aunts as they visit town; Cassandra causes a fuss when she refuses to hand over a child to her mother. Satellizer and Ouka who have joined in on the outing prepare to attack Cassandra, but they are easily subdued by Windy May who then goes on to calm her sister. The three criminalized Busters have agreed to the assassination mission, for their prison sentences will be lifted if they succeed. However, the free woman, Isuzu Sawatari, requires a different type of persuasion, one that gives her a temporary license to kill anyone including her former rival Su-Na Lee who had deeply scarred Isuzu during their academy days at West Genetics.


This volume contains 7 chapters and covers Part II of the Busters Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 148
Chapter 148 Cover
Preliminary Battle II Busters Arc Radox Phantomheim is asked to take down Gengo AoiScarlett Ohara meets with Gengo he offers her the truth. 
Chapter 149
Chapter 149 Cover
Failure List Busters Arc The Busters are introduced and Radox moves forward with his plan to kill Gengo. Gengo re-introduces Scarlett to Maria Lancelot, who is revealed to be alive. Maria shown her "everything."
Chapter 150
Chapter 150 Cover
Restart Busters Arc Scarlett agrees to work with Gengo on the Legendary Stigmata Plan. The Legendary Pandora take a walk in the city their nephew.
Chapter 151
Chapter 151 Cover
A Brief Reprieve Busters Arc The Legendary Pandora attract attention from the people in the city. Cassandra encounters a little girl.
Chapter 152
Chapter 152 Cover
Motherhood Busters Arc Cassandra has a hostile encounter with a civilian mother but is calmly stopped by her sister Windy. Sawatari Isuzu is introduced and summoned by Radox Phantomheim.
Chapter 153
Chapter 153 Cover
Behind Her Smile Busters Arc Sawatari's history with Su-Na Lee is explained, and Sawatari is afraid of her. Radox Phantomheim invites her participate in Operation Cat Killer. The other Busters test their Plasma Stigmata and proceed with the operation.
Chapter 154
Chapter 154 Cover
Family Bonds Busters Arc Satellizer goes to Elizabeth for love advice regarding Kazuya. Kazuya feels something special when it comes to Cassandra.



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