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Volume 23
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Featured Character Isuzu Sawatari
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Freezing Volume 23 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 023Edit

Original Japanese edition


The Busters are deployed to Gengo's private base to execute their assassination on Gengo Aoi desite the risks of using their Plasma Stigmata. Meanwhile, the Chevalier throw the Genetics Pandora and Limiters a party following their survival in the 12th Nova Clash. Unbeknownst to them, the party is actually thrown by Gengo under Su-Na's direction in order to mask the unveiling of his coup de'at against the Chevalier. When the Busters reach Gengo's base, Petty Layner challenges Isuzu Sawatari to assume leadership of the Busters and she defeats the Japanese Pandora quite easily. Scarlett Ohara and Amelia Evans do not attend the party and Amelia shows that has drastically changed since being betrayed by Scarlett and the Chevalier during the E-Pandora Project, having developed a sadistic joy for seeing Scarlett in her crippled state, the real reason why she agreed to serve as Ohara's bodyguard. Rana, Satellizer, Kazuya, and the Legendary Pandora arrive at the party as well with Cassandra overwhelming beauty stealing the show. With Elizabeth as a mediator, Kazuya and Satellizer depart from the party to reconcile, but Satellizer acts on Elizabeth's plan to drug and seduce Kazuya, which fails and leads to an intimate moment that is interrupted when the Busters finally storm the base, killing all Chevalier Pandora and Limiters in thir path. The party is cancelled, and realizing that the Busters are targeting him, Gengo wants the Legendary Pandora to fight especially after seeing the Busters with the Plasma Stigmata that give them strength rivaling Chiffon Fairchild. Arnett, Elizabeth, Morrison, Andre, Kazuya, and Satellizer do not retreat as ordered, and the Busters close in on them. The assassins breifly fight Arnett, Satellizer, and Elizabeth with none of the Genetics Pandora's attacks getting through. Petty and Isuzu move onward, encountering Rana with Legendary Pandoras Windy, Lucy, and Teslad at the pool having departed from the party. Meanwhile, Ticy Phenyl and Abel Rotomaster have come to aid their friends, and Ticy joins the fight against Jessica and Isabella, but she is effortlessly defeated by Jessica.


This volume contains 7 chapters and cover Part III of the Busters Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 155
Chapter 155 Cover
Busters Mobilize I Busters Arc Radox Phantomheim deplys the Busters despite the risks of the Plasma Stigmata, citing that they are at war.
The Genetics Pandora and Limiters enjoy their party.
Chapter 156
Chapter 156 Cover
Busters Mobilize II Busters Arc Satellizer, Rana, Kazuya, and Cassandra come to the dinner party. Amelia Evans has become a Pandora, and she bears immense spite toward Scarlett Ohara.
Chapter 157
Chapter 157 Cover
Raid Busters Arc The Valkyries receive new and very large Plasma Stigmata.
Elizabeth Mably acts as a mediator between Kazuya and Satellizer and the pair retreat in a room to reconcile.
The Busters begin their raid on Gengo's base.
Chapter 158
Chapter 158 Cover
License to Kill Busters Arc Gengo's security forces close in on the Busters
Kazuya grows suspicious of Satellizer's intentions, but the two overcome it and grow intimate.
Chapter 159
Chapter 159 Cover
Vicious Busters Arc The dinner party is cancelled. The Busters neutralize the Chevalier Pandora and Limiters. 
Chapter 160
Chapter 160 Cover
The Busters' Terrifying Might I Busters Arc Gengo orders all Pandora to evacuate, but few Genetics Pandora and their Limiters engage the Busters.
Chapter 161
Chapter 161 Cover
The Busters' Terrifying Might II Busters Arc Ticy Phenyl begins to battle Busters Isabella Lucas and Jessica Edwin.
Three of the Legendary Pandora have been enjoying the pool with Rana, but they are interrupted when Petty and Isuzu break through the ceiling.



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