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Freezing Volume 24 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 024Edit

Original Japanese edition


The Busters continue to demonstrate their tremendous might with Jessica Edwin easily defeating Ticy Phenyl even when she fully taps into her Transcendent abilities. After Jessica severs Ticy's arms, Abel rushes to her side, but Isabella uses her weapon to cut off his leg and mount him. Isabella attempts to rape Abel, but is interrupted by a surprise attack from Transcendent Satellizer. Isabella evades at the last second and cuts off the girl's hands. Isabella soon directs her attention to Kazuya and attacks him, but Cassandra awakens and wakes up to defend her nephew and challenge the Busters.

Meanwhile, Windy slugs Petty Layner with her Volt Weapon, but the Rana and the Legendary Pandora are quickly caught in an Anti-Freezing field by Isuzu Sawatari. Alarmed by the Busters' new capabilities, Gengo organizes a mass retreat and deploys the Valkyries to go after the Busters while the Legendary Pandora are also to retreat. When Cassandra's strength proves too overwhelming, Jessica also activates Anti-Freezing on everyone at the plaza save for Isabella. The Freezing staples Cassandra to the ground, and she hears an alien message commanding her to “destroy everything”. Windy May and Teslad are similarly affected and the three turn into N3 Nova, and a sullen Gengo orders their elimination. Overwhelmed with fear, Isuzu releases her Anti-Freezing and flees, abandoning Petty in the process. The Valkyries are deployed to eliminate the Legendary Pandora with Christine Evora and Ouka Tenjouin assigned to destroy Windy May and Teslad, but Lucy Renault, surprising unaffected, assumes her true form and orders Rana and the Valkyries to retreat while she battles her affected sisters. In the ensuing chaos, Petty manages to run away too and encounters Isuzu waiting for her. The two argue with Isuzu demonstrating her true colors as a manipulative psychopath who enjoys taunting her opponents endlessly to see the distorted looks on their faces. Petty falls for Isuzu's bait and attacks her, but unlike their initial duel, Isuzu easily defeats Petty and kills her, insisting that she could because she has a licence to kill.

Gengo organizes a party led by Su-Na Lee to travel with him to West Genetics in order to awaken Maria Lancelot. However, they are intercepted by Isuzu who had destroyed their transport and gleefully killed Gengo's team. Isuzu reintroduces herself to Su-Na who scantly remembers her. Isuzu promptly kills Gengo's two other guards while closing in on her former classmate.


The volume features 7 chapters and its content covers Part IV of the Busters Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 162
Chapter 162 Cover
The Busters' Terrifying Might III Busters Arc Jessiva effortlessly Ticy Phenyl despite Ticy tapping into her Transcendence might. When Abel comes to her rescue, Isabella severs his leg and mounts him.
Chapter 163
Chapter 163 Cover
Humiliation Busters Arc As Isabella sets out to humiliate Abel, Satellizer unleashes her Transcendent Accel onto the Buster. Isabella soon sets her murderous sights on Kazuya.
Chapter 164
Chapter 164 Cover
Anti-Freezing I Busters Arc Facing three Legendary Pandora, Petty Layner has Isuzu Sawatari execute their secret weapon. Equipped with fresh upgrades, the Valkyries are deployed.
Chapter 165
Chapter 165 Cover
Anti-Freezing II Busters Arc Cassandra easily fends off the Busters and heals her young allies. Jessica releases her Anti-Freezin, which immobilizes Cassandra.
Cassandra, Windy May, and Teslad hear a message to "Destroy Everything".
Chapter 166
Chapter 166 Cover
Inevitable Busters Arc Fearing the Legendary Pandora, Isuzu retreats.
Ouka Tenjouin and Christine Evora arrive at the pool to fight Windy May and Teslad.
Chapter 167
Chapter 167 Cover
True Nature Busters Arc Despite the Valkyries' arrival, the unaffected Lucy Renault decides to fight her sisters.
When Petty Layner retreats, she finds Isuzu, who reveals her true psychopathic nature. Enraged, Petty attacks Isuzu in what becomes Petty's final battle.
Chapter 168
Chapter 168 Cover
Weakness Busters Arc Lucy demonstrates her legendary capabilities while fending off Windy May and Teslad.
When Gengo prepares to depart his base to reach the Ravensbourne Nucleotide, she and Su-Na Lee are ambushed by Isuzu.



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