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Freezing Volume 25 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 025Edit

Original Japanese edition


Buster Isuzu Sawatari discovers that Gengo Aoi is Su-Na Lee's weakness and promises to kill him if they fight. Hoping to satisfy Isuzu, Su-Na allows herself to be maimed but Isuzu goes back on her word when she attacks Gengo anyway. A brief flashback shows that Su-Na was the strongest Pandora in her class at West Genetics but she was an outcast. Gengo assigned Su-Na to be her bodyguard following Kazuha Aoi's and though Gengo was not a sociopath as she hoped, Su-Na accepted his proposal to be her family because he accepted her for who she was, leading to their unbreakable trust in each other. When the flashback ends, Su-Na furiously attacks Isuzu, who cuts her down and tramples on her face before breaking into insane laughter. Su-Na and Gengo are luckily saved by the arrival of Scarlett Ohara, who orders her bodyguard Amelia Evans to dispose of the Buster.

Meanwhile, Lucy continues battling Windy May and Teslad, but she is unable to inflict a significant amount of damage. At the deteriorating situation, Rana Linchen assumes Christine Evora's Plasma Form upgrades. After an intense struggle, Rana manages to gain control over the upgrades and she battles Windy May while Lucy faces Teslad.

At the plaza, Jessica's powerful Anti-Freezing is still in effect and Isabella Lucas fires her weapon at Cassandra's face at point-blank range. However, it only prompts Cassandra to assume her true form and regress into an N3 Nova. Cassandra releases a massive particle beam that disintegrates Isabella's arm. Then, five Pandora-Type Nova emerge behind Cassandra, beginning the 13th Nova Clash.

Isabella tries to fight the Pandora-Type Nova, which amounts to a fruitless effort. Cassandra releases an Anti-Freezing which paralyses everyone and Novalizes Jessica. The Limiters are all unable to break the Freezing too. Valkyries Tiziana Ferrari and Franka Porsche arrive at the last second to present the opportunity for a tactical retreat, but Cassandra grabs Satellizer by her wrist.

Back at the duel between Sawatari and Amelia, Isuzu narrowly defends herself and Scarlett warns that Amelia's body has mutated since the 11th Nova Clash. Isuzu refuses to let a "cheap imitation" beat her and lunges for Amelia. As the two begin to clash, Scarlett screams for Su-Na to get off the ground, asserting that she has to end this battle per her duty as a Pandora and a woman.


The volume features 7 chapters and its content covers the final part of the Busters Arc as well as the first chapter of the 13th Nova Clash Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 169
Chapter 169 Cover
Weakness II Busters Arc When Sawatari Isuzu threatens Gengo, Su-Na Lee allows herself to be maimed for Gengo's safety.
Chapter 170
Chapter 170 Cover
Shared Past I Busters Arc The arc cuts to a flashback between Gengo and Su-Na in 2062. 
Chapter 171
Shared Past II Busters Arc The flashback between Gengo Aoi and Su-Na Lee continues. When it ends, an enraged Su-Na lunges at Isuzu Sawatari.
Chapter 172
Chapter 172 Cover
Devilish Busters Arc Isuzu critically wounds a weakened Su-Na. She is stopped when Scarlett Ohara arrives, ordering Amelia Evans to dispose of the Buster.
Lucy Renault cannot fight her sisters alone, causing Rana to step in with untested upgrades.
Chapter 173
Chapter 173 Cover
Struggle Busters Arc Rana Linchen struggles to control the power Christine Evora's Valkyrie upgrades.
Isabella prepares to kill Cassandra.
Chapter 174
Chapter 174 Cover
Sudden Change Busters Arc Isabella attack on Cassandra's fails, and it causes Cassandra to rise up as an N3 Nova. She summons five Pandora-Type Nova to instigate the 13th Nova Clash.
Chapter 175
Chapter 175 Cover
Way Out 13th Nova Clash Arc Isabella fruitlessly attacks the Pandora-Type Nova. Tiziana Ferrari and Franka Porsche arrive to save them, but Satellizer is caught in Cassandra's grasp.
Isuzu and Amelia prepare to duel.



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