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Volume 27
Freezing Volume 27 cover
Featured Character Kazuha Aoi
Release date March 3, 2015 (JP)
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Freezing Volume 27 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 027Edit

Original Japanese edition


Kazuya's evolving powers overwhelm him in the middle of the Nova Clash. During an enhanced Freezing, he shares an intense mind like with Cassandra Aoi who uses visions and memories to tell Kazuya the story of her integration in the Aoi Family, his sister's childhood, his parents' lives, and his birth.


The volume features 7 chapters and covers Part II of the 13th Nova Clash Arc, which entails the Flashback of the Aoi Family.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 183
Chapter 183 Cover
Legacy of the Past 13th Nova Clash Arc Kazuya unlocks his hidden potential and manages to subdue the Nova but collapses under the strain of his new powers.
Chapter 184
Chapter 184
Ryuuichi Aoi 13th Nova Clash Arc The story cuts to a flashback. Four years after the 6th Nova Clash, Ryuuichi Aoi is a university professor and world renowned researcher. Despite a successful career, Ryuuichi's home life is troubled, with his wife Orie fearful of losing Kazuha to her grandfather Gengo's influence. Ryuuichi confronts his father at his base, but is shocked by the revelation of why he was born.
Chapter 185
Chapter 185
Siblings 13th Nova Clash Arc Ryuuichi struggles with his father's exceptions while Orie wishes for another child in her life. Elsewhere, Gengo must face the bleak future of mankind alone.
Chapter 186
Ch 186
Mask I 13th Nova Clash Arc Ryuuichi explains a revelation while Orie tries to cope with the situation. A new addition to the Aoi family arrives and disaster looms ominously.
Chapter 187
Freezing c187
Mask II 13th Nova Clash Arc During a family outing, Ryuuichi Aoi assists Cassandra in adjusting to family life while Orie believes Cassandra's presence is Gengo's ploy to turn Ryuuichi to his side. Later, Orie is revealed to be pregnant.

Chapter 188

Freezing c188 censored
Decision 13th Nova Clash Arc The family grows closer thanks to the approaching birth. Cassandra and Ryuuichi resolve to show their will to fight. Orie experiences complications. Gengo offers a chance at hope. 

Chapter 189

Freezing c189
Substitute 13th Nova Clash Arc Orie awakens from her surgery crushed to face the harsh reality that she cannot carry her baby, but Cassandra can. Despite Orie's mental state, Ryuuichi tries to keep his family together by keeping Cassandra in his home.



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