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Featured Character Rana Linchen
Release date August 27, 2015 (JP)
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Freezing Volume 28 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 028Edit

Original Japanese edition


When Kazuya is born, he does not possess any attachment to his mother, rejecting her breast milk. However, he accepts Cassandra, causing Orie to completely break down. Orie resolves to kill Kazuya, but she is stopped and killed by Kazuha. Kazuha soon explodes in tears, crying for her mom. Ryuuichi descends into depression worsened by Kazuha's almost callous disregard for Orie's death. Ryuuichi rushes to confront Gengo, who is tired of his son's actions and reasons that even fleeing won't enable his son to hide from him. Faced with his grief-stricken and furious son, Gengo reveals that Ryuuichi's purpose is to serve as a guide for all of the Transcended Beings that exist on planet Earth as the child of Maria Lancelot, a destiny and relationship that Ryuuichi rejects absolutely while expressing unyeilding hatred toward his father. Ryuuichi returns home, stumbling and his sanity shattered. Cassandra rushes to him, only for Ryuuichi to completely snap and rape Cassandra. In the morning, Kazuha awakens to find Kazuya crying and Cassandra missing. She then finds her crazed father with a gun to his head. Ryuuichi pulls the trigger as a final act of defiance to his father.

The flashback ends, and Kazuya is found the by the spirit of his sister Kazuha, who shares her true opinions about humanity and Gengo's battle to preserve it. She also reveals how she had not loved Kazuya at first but grew to love him after caring for him. Kazuya is shocked and protests at many of Kazuha's declarations, but Kazuha insists that despire her shortcomings, Kazuya may prove to be a true ally of humanity and is thus the perfect person to protect them.

Kazuya awakens, rises, and addresses Cassandra as "mom" for the first time. Kazuya unleashes his Freezing, with his eyes taking on the countenance of his grandmother's. Kazuya induces transcendence in Arnett McMillan and Elizabeth Mably, taking control of them and Satellizer as well as enhancing their abilities. With their new power, the Transcendent Pandora begin to destroy the Pandora-Type Nova.

Su-Na Lee, Gengo Aoi and the arrive having arrived at West Genetics to meet Sister Margaret Lindman who solemnly states she has opened up the command centre for their use. However, Sister Margaret informs Gengo that he must cover for the West or they risk being removed from the Genetics system entirely. Gengo responds it doesn't matter, because Chevalier is now powerless and the West is the only thing that can protect mankind.

Below the chamber of Maria is a stasis capsule, containing the body of a young girl, a mask covering her eyes while a mark on her faces declares her designation to be Arcadia 01.


The volume features seven chapters and covers Part III of the 13th Nova Clash Arc, which closes out the Flashback of the Aoi Family.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 190
Freezing c190
Rejection I 13th Nova Clash Arc Ryuuichi ruminates on his fate.

Kazuya is born, and Orie drifts further away.
Kazuha finds solace in her brother.
Gengo takes matters into his own hands.

Chapter 191

Freezing c191

Rejection II 13th Nova Clash Arc Orie comes to a realization and seems at peace.
Kazuha interrupts a key moment.
Chapter 192

Freezing c192

Rejection III 13th Nova Clash Arc Kazuha makes an impulsive decision to save her brother.
Orie accepts her fate.
Chapter 193

Freezing c193

Role I 13th Nova Clash Arc Ryuuichi begins to spiral out of control after the death of Orie.
Ryuuchi seeks a fresh start.
Kazuha Aoi attempts to explain the Transcendent Will to her father
Chapter 194

Freezing c194

Role II 13th Nova Clash Arc Gengo reveals the origins of Ryuuichi, Maria, and the purpose that his son is expected to fulfill.
Ryuuichi makes two dire decisions.
Chapter 195

Freezing c195

Values 13th Nova Clash Arc Kazuha grants Kazuya with some parting thoughts and an insight about her true nature and beliefs
Kazuya awakens and takes critical action against the Nova.
Chapter 196

Freezing c196

Suitable Power 13th Nova Clash Arc Under Kazuya's command, the Pandora take the battle to the Nova. Gengo arrives at West Genetics to unleash his trump card.


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