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Volume 29
Freezing Volume 29 cover
Featured Character Arcadia Aoi
Release date April 27, 2016 (JP)
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Freezing Volume 29 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 029Edit

Original Japanese edition


Kazuya leads the Pandora to victory over the Pandora-Type Nova. He then switches his focus to Rana and the rogue Legendary Pandora. Gengo awakens his hidden trump card, Arcadia Aoi. She joins the battle and defeats her aunts with overwhelming strength. Gengo then prepares for the future of mankind.


The volume features seven chapters and covers Part VI of the 13th Nova Clash Arc, highlighting the awakening of Arcadia Aoi.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 197
Turning Point 13th Nova Clash Arc Kazuya continues to assert his control over the Transcendent Pandora, and Rana Linchen risks consumption by the Transcendent Will.
Chapter 198
FzV29 TitlePage
Noise 13th Nova Clash Arc The shelters regain communication in time to see Rana Linchen's rampage. Kazuya and his group arrive at the pool, and Kazuya aims to stop his friend.
Chapter 199
Chapter 199
Coming of the War Princess 13th Nova Clash Arc The War Princess answers her brother's call.
Chapter 200
Arcadia 13th Nova Clash Arc A powerful ally joins the fight.
Chapter 201
Chapter 201
Evolution 13th Nova Clash Arc The 13th Nova Clash ends. The Chevalier prepares for war. Team Elizabeth reunites. Gengo declares Humanity's future to be within reach.
Chapter 202
Chapter 202
Mother Exit Revenant Arc Gengo and Margaret consider their options. Scarlett ruminates on her situation. Kazuya comes to term with his existence thanks to Satellizer's help.


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