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Freezing Volume 31 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 031Edit


Louis Alexander Eluka continues to escort Kazuya and introduces him to the Round Festival, where Rounders destroy Nova. Kazuya interferes in the festival when the Nova becomes more powerful and attacks the Rounders. His efforts earn Maria Eluka Nova's attention, and he informs her of Nova attacking his dimension. Their conversation is interrupted by Ibanyle, who imprisons Kazuya.

Meanwhile, Radox Phantomheim intends to wage war on West Genetics with all of Europe and Asia's Pandora forces, but he is attacked first by extremely powerful Nova.


Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 208
Chapter 208
Rounds Exit Revenant Arc The Rounders have what is known as a Festival where they destroy Nova, believing it purifies the spirits but they are horribly mistaken.
Chapter 209
Cover 209
Stone Statues of Lamentation Exit Revenant Arc When a Nova attacks the Rounders , Kazuya intervenes to help them, and his abilities catch the eye of Maria Eluka Nova.
Chapter 210
Freezing 210
Maria Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya has audience with Maria Eluka to explain the horrors of Nova in his world. Meanwhile, Radox plans to seige West Genetics.
Chapter 211
211 Cover
Circle of Knots Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya's conversation with Maria Eluka is disrupted by the corrupt Ibanyle.
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