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Freezing 32 Elise Tio Velvet
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Freezing Volume 32 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial. It has yet to be released.

Volume 032Edit


Maria Eluka Nova allies with Kazuya and the Rounders who lead a Holy Revolution against Ibanyle. They rebel due to Ibanyle's abuse of soul energy to improve their lives that has caused an imbalance in their world. Maria Eluka also hopes to determine why the Transcendent Will has sent the Nova to Kazuya's dimension.

The Goddesses of Balance, the true rulers of Elcarium, interfere in the revolution in delight of human bloodshed. In Kazuya's distress, The Legendary Pandora call Satellizer


Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 212
212 Cover
The Rulers of Elca Exit Revenant Arc The Rounders and Maria Eluka save Kazuya's from imprisonment. Maria Eluka sides with the Rounders in their rebellion for Elcarium's future.
Chapter 213
213 Cover
Elca Revolution Exit Revenant Arc The Rounders cite Ibanyle's abuse of soul energy as their reason for rebellion. The Rounders fight and near victory until the Goddesses of Balance manipulate soul energy and thus the battle in Ibanyle's favor.
Chapter 214
214 Cover
Attack of Balance Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya joins in the Rounders in combat. However, the Goddesses of Balance continue to intervene and treat human life as toys.
Chapter 215
215 Cover
Inception Exit Revenant Arc The Legendary Pandora can see what's happening to Kazuya in the alternate dimension. They see him in trouble and call on Satellizer to gather friends and save him.
Chapter 216
216 Cover
Pandora vs. Goddess Exit Revenant Arc The Pandora of Platoon 13 arrive in the Elca dimesion and fearlessly combat the Goddesses of Balance.
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