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Freezing Volume 33
Featured Character Carol Voltega Miriam
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Freezing Volume 33 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial. It has yet to be released.

Volume 033Edit


The Pandora of Platoon 13 continue their siege against the Goddesses of Balance. The girls prove incredibly powerful, even managing to critically wound one and kill another.

Erectar Eluka Nova believes the Pandora to be Nova sent by the Transcendent Will meant to punish them for their abuse of Soul Energy. As such, she gathers her sisters, including Maria Eluka, to merge into one massive and powerful entity. Platoon 13 seiges the new Nova all the same, and each member triggers their transcendence for the evolving battle. 


Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 217
217 Cover
Transcendent Accel Exit Revenant Arc

When Platoon 13 critically wounds Pulucsigel  Erectar Eluka Nova finally intervenes personally.

Rana Linchen attempts a direct assult against all of the goddesses on her own.

Chapter 218
218 Cover
The Power of the Goddesses I Exit Revenant Arc

After Rana's failed attack, Garatolos Eluka Nova directly analyzes the power of each member of Platoon 13 and describes their power to Erectar.

Rana Linchen proves to be the strongest of the four girls and gets back up to attack.

Chapter 219
The Power of the Goddesses II Exit Revenant Arc Rana taps into the zenith of her power and kills Bonemian Eluka Nova . Erectar and Maria Eluka Nova subsequently believes the Pandora are punishment by the Transcenent Will. As such, the Goddesses of Balance merge into one massive Nova.
Chapter 220
Freezing 220 003
Conflict Exit Revenant Arc Platoon 13 engages in Formation D: Anti-Nova  to seige the merged form of the Goddesses of Balance
Chapter 221
Freezing 221
Chance Exit Revenant Arc Platoon 13 fail to destroy the Goddesses. To replenish their power, the girls tap into Elcarium's massive supply of Soul Energy and each member triggers their Transcendent Form .


  • The current titles of the chapters are based on a Spanish translation and are subject to change when the English translations are released.
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