"I'm not satisfied with my victory either."
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Freezing Volume 34 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial. It has yet to be released.

Volume 034Edit


The Pandora of Platoon 13 continue their battle against the Goddesses of Balance who've merged into a massive Nova. They unleash a powerful Freezing though being countered by Kazuya's Freezing.

Kazuya meets Chiffon in spirit and learns the shocking truth about Gengo Aoi's past of meeting Maria Lancelot and how everything began of the Nova invasion.


Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 222
Chapter 222 Cover Updated
Specific Line Exit Revenant Arc

The gigantic Nova fusion of the Goddesses of Balance unleash a powerful Freezing on Platoon 13. Kazuya unleashes his Omnidirectional Freezing to counter.

In the Freezing field, Kazuya meets the spirit of Chiffon and ask to know the truth about everything that's happan.

Chapter 223
Chapter 223
Will of the Affiliate I Exit Revenant Arc

Chiffon gives a backstory to Kazuya on how Gengo Aoi was born by chance in the world full of Nova and how meeting Maria Lancelot is like a miracle from what he saw and heard from her.

Gengo made artificial pillars to test the theory of the wave of singularity which became his first experiment.

Chapter 224
Chapter 224
Will of the Affiliate II Exit Revenant Arc

Chiffon reveales that humans can escape the Transcendental Will by maintaining the struggle and for that reason Gengo created the Pandora and Gengo learn from Maria that humans who give up their feelings will perish.

The organization of Chevalier has been born.

Chapter 225
Chapter 225
Meaning of Nova Exit Revenant Arc

Chiffon reveals to Kazuya that the project's name, Exit Revenant doesn’t include any indication of hope stating ‘Exit’ meaning a way out and ‘Revenant’ meaning forsaken souls and believes that Gengo wanted Kazuya to save him from misery.

Kazuya decides to make his own chocies and not follow in his grandfather's footsteps.

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