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You Are The Second Girl!! from Cross Make 2010, written by Moonzero (Lim Dall Young) and drawn by Milkcow (Lee Soo Hyun), is a hentai doujinshi story created by the originator of Freezing. It is part of the Eroizing (エロいジング‎) set of stories. It is a non-canon official doujinshi story set in the Freezing universe. It is part of the Lim Dall Young World.


Rana gets a love oil from home, and proceeds to rub it all over her breasts. She tells Satellizer that it is to make Kazuya her own. Satellizer rubs it over her own breasts, and they both go to Kazuya's room to compete on who can get him off first. Kazuya proceeds to use both of them. Rana says she's fine having Satellizer as Kazuya's second wife, while Satellizer says she is his true wife.


This is a more extreme version of the various competitions between Rana and Satellizer from the real canon, in which they compete to win Kazuya, such as sexy look competitions.

A modified version of this story is found in a CD audio dorama shipped with the Special Edition of Volume 14 of the Freezing manga. The story was modified by Lim Dall Young, and voiced by the seiyuu of the Freezing anime.

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