"Are you telling me... you've pushed the limits of what a Pandora can do yet again?"

Yu-Mi Kim observing Kazuha Aoi during the 8th Nova Clash.

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Aoi Kazuha I
Volume 1, Chapter 1
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Translation Aoi Kazuha - Chapter 1
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Aoi Kazuha I is the first chapter of the Freezing: Zero manga series, first chapter of Zero Volume 1 and first chapter of the Kazuha Aoi Arc.


The chapter begins with a brief overview of the Pandora with the two women, regarded as Legendary Pandora, Maria Lancelot, the first Pandora, and her granddaughter, hailed as the hero of the new age who developed the Anti-Nova High End Skills, Kazuha Aoi.

Chevalier Pandora Yu-Mi Kim, Elize Schmitz, and Shion Nayfield along with several other Pandora are fighting in the snow against a Type-S Nova during the 8th Nova Clash with several Pandora already dead and buried in the snow. Shion, in her Pandora Mode defends Yu-Mi from the Type-S's whips, but she loses an arm in the process. Many Pandora get caught in the Nova's Freezing field and are cut down while Shion, Elize, and Yu-Mi get away. Elize begins to lose hope, but Yu-Mi activates her Pandora Mode to distract the being. However Yu-Mi is caught in a Freezing field, despite her Pandora Mode enhancements, and is about to be killed. Suddenly three girls emerge and cut the Nova whips. However, it is one girl who has used the currently defined Tempest Turn technique. That girl is Kazuha Aoi. Kazuha expresses that this new Nova, the Type-S, makes all current data on the Nova useless. While she's been watching the fighting, she knows that the Pandora system now needs to get on the same time-axis as the Nova by doubling their speed. The listeners do not fully understand. Asking Yu-Mi to distract, Kazuha prepares her blade and accelerates, dodging the Nova's whips. She then multiplies and prepares to strike on of the Nova's arms. The Pandora are completely distracted by Kazuha's movements until Yu-Mi snaps at them, ordering them to back up Kazuha. Yu-Mi then looks at Kazuha again in awe, wondering if she's pushing the limits of Pandora again. She then recalls the time she first met Kazuha.

One day, West Genetics senior Yu-Mi Kim finishes a jog and returns to her dorm to awaken a lethargic Elize Schmitz. After a comedic encounter between the two room-mates in the shower, Elize and Yu-Mi listen to speech from Sister Margaret. Afterwards, they meet up with Shion Nayfield, and they discuss the arrival of transfer student. Yu-Mi already assumes the worst, but she and Elize are shocked to hear that the transfer student is Gengo Aoi's granddaughter. Then, a running girl crashes into Yu-Mi's large chest and gets thrown back. She feigns being in pain to the ire of the seniors. When Shion asks about her uniform, the girl says that "Gramps" made it for her. The girl then introduces herself as Gengo Aoi's granddaughter, Kazuha Aoi, the new transfer student.

Event NotesEdit

  • The story of Kazuha Aoi's days at West Genetics are explored.
  • First glimpse of what transpired during the 8th Nova Clash.

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