"I won't back down! I am... a Pandora!!!"

Margaret as she strikes the final blow in the 6th Nova Clash.

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Fragments of the Past II
Volume 6, Chapter 24
Zero Chapter 24 Cover
Translation Fragments of the Past - Part II
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Fragments of the Past II is the twenty fourth chapter of the Freezing: Zero manga series, second chapter of Zero Volume 6 and second chapter of the two-part Sister Margaret Arc.


The Chevalier commence the 6th Nova Clash by sending in conventional military forces to attack the Type-F Nova. They are unable to damage it, but manage to buy enough time for the Pandora forces to arrive, led by First Lieutenant Margaret Lindman. They immediately assume anti-Nova formation and attack the enemy's base, hoping to expose the core. Unexpectedly, the Nova begins using a wide-spread Freezing field, capable of stopping all movement. In response, Margaret and her squad active Pandora Mode, enabling them to resist the Freezing. To counter, the Nova begins using tentacle-like whip attacks in close range, preventing anyone from getting close enough to attack the core. The Pandora forces break and begin to flee, causing Margaret to lose heart as well. She ruminates on the thought that the Nova are a divine punishment for mankind's arrogance and lust for power. Just as she is about to be killed, Lendy Ryan leaps into the way, losing an arm in the process. She recovers and motivates Margaret to continue fighting for humanity's sake. As she see's Lendy and her fellow Pandora rally to defeat the Nova, Margaret comes to the realization that the tenacity of mankind is a strength, not a sin. Pushing Pandora Mode past its limit, Margaret launches herself into a suicidal charge at the Nova's core, destroying it and ending the clash.

Days later, Dr. Jenny Moral and Lieutenant Commander Ackerman discuss Margaret's injuries, agreeing that she will no longer be able to serve as an active-duty soldier. While resting, Margaret dreams of her deceased comrades. Although she attempts to apologize, she is rebuffed and instead told to fight on for the future of mankind. Upon recovering, Margaret is escorted by Jenny and the two discuss her retirement. Margaret is confident that a true Pandora hero will appear someday. Jenny asks the injured Pandora about her plan to become an instructor. Margaret states that she wishes to help train Pandora so many will be able to return from the battlefield safely. Jenny replies that she will expect big things from Margaret and the Pandora she trains.

Event NotesEdit

  • Using Pandora Mode, Margaret destroys the Type-F Nova, but is injured in the process.
  • Due to her wounds, Margaret is forced to retire from active-duty, yet decides to become an instructor in the Chevalier in order to train future Pandora.

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