"Why does everyone tell me... that I have to be a Pandora..."

Cassie lamenting her lot in life.

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Cassie Lockheart I
Volume 6, Chapter 25
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Translation Cassie Lockheart I
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Cassie Lockheart I is the twenty fifth chapter of the Freezing: Zero manga series, third chapter of Zero Volume 6 and first chapter of the two-part Cassie Lockheart Arc.


While overlooking a physical on Pandora Cassie Lockheart, scientists remark on her amazing compatibility with Heroic Stigmata, and wonder if she will start a new age for Pandora.

At East Genetics, Cassie uncomfortably endures the praise of her peers. Meeting up with her friends Nena and June, she explains her predicament, but is told that her being popular is inevitable given her skills. She tries explain that she's not that strong, but is ignored. Nena takes it a step further and attempts to get Cassie to admit to having already mastered High End Skills. Cassie declines to confirm, citing the fact that only senior Pandora can physically handle the skills. The trio are interrupted by a nearby commotion, revealed to be Milena Marius attempting to reprimand a student. The student walks away unconcerned and Nena reveals her to be Satellizer L. Bridget. She condemns Satellizer for stealing six of the Heroic Stigmata using her connections. June on the other hand admits to worrying for Satellizer, since she will find herself alone should she continue on this path. Milena compares her to Cassie, noting how different the two are. Uncomfortable, Cassie excuses herself and leaves.

Later that night, Cassie broods over her situation in her room. She releases a small shock wave as she thinks how everyone pushes her to be a great Pandora. She wonders if Satellizer's family did the same thing to her. The next day, Cassie participates in a unique exam to test her High End Skills. She is pitted against three of the top ten seniors and is told her results will directly affect her father's political career. Despite the odds, Cassie is able to easily defeat all three opponents using her Triple Accel, leading observers to claim that she will be able to further the evolution of Pandora. After the match, Cassie is quickly called away by Nena to deal with a crisis. Cassie learns that Satellizer is on a rampage and only she can stop her.

Event NotesEdit

  • Despite her success, Cassie is deeply depressed over the lack of control over her own life.
  • Satellizer L. Bridget begins a violent rampage.

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