"Satellizer, just how much did you throw away... in order to become that strong?"

Cassie reflecting on Satellizer's strength after the Levon Brooks incident.

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Cassie Lockheart II
Volume 6, Chapter 26
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Translation Cassie Lockheart II
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Cassie Lockheart II is the twenty sixth chapter of the Freezing: Zero manga series, fourth and last chapter of Zero Volume 6 and the second chapter of the two-part Cassie Lockheart Arc.


Arriving at the freshman dorms, Cassie finds many of her fellow students defeated by an enraged Satellizer, including June. A badly beaten Levon Brooks begs for forgiveness, but is coldly told never to lay so much as a hand on Satellizer again. As Cassie attempts to help June, Satellizer attacks from behind, but misses after the former uses Accel Turn. Cassie tells her friends to stand down and promises to handle the situation. She attempts to talk Satellizer down, but the latter refuses to let anyone control her and continues to fight. To the surprise of everyone, the two Pandora prove evenly matched, though Satellizer must push her Stigmata over the limit to compete. 

During the battle, Satellizer swears to never let anyone steal her freedom away, striking a cord in Cassie. She responds furiously, telling Satellizer that only naive people believe Pandora are free. Satellizer counters that one must be willing to throw away everything they have in order to life free, and that Cassie is the naive one. Dumbstruck, Satellizer prepares to land a killing blow on Cassie, but is unable to continue due to her Stigmata corrosion. Numbly, Cassie watches as her fellows call medical attention for Satellizer.

Two months later, Cassie is present at the Chevalier headquarters, where Milena informs her that her scores are the best in the world. Cassie thanks her listlessly, but perks up when she hears that Satellizer won't be drummed out of service. Instead she will be transferred to West Genetics and forced to repeat a year. Cassie is glad, and ruminates on the fact that she wasn't able to throw away as much as Satellizer. She expresses interest in meeting Satellizer again, wishing to ask just how much did she have to throw away in order to become that strong. 

Event NotesEdit

  • The Levon Brooks Incident ends with Satellizer's capture and expulsion from East Genetics; she is transferred to West Genetics and forced to repeat her freshman year.
  • Cassie's resolve as a Pandora is greatly weakened as a result of her encounter with Satellizer.

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