"She was born with emotions precisely because... he wanted her to gain that strength..."

Aureriel explains Gengo's true motives to Lucy and Chiffon.

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Chiffon Fairchild IV
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Chiffon Fairchild IV is the thirtieth chapter in the Freezing: Zero manga series, the fourth chapter of Zero Volume 7, and the fourth chapter in the Lab 13 Arc.


Lucy battles her sister. Chiffon rages at the death of a friend. Years later, the Smiling Monster prepares for a whole new challenge at West Genetics.


As the sister's battle continues, Lucy berates Chiffon for her actions, for having hindered Gengo's will as well as the Chevalier's ability to fight the Nova. Chiffon quickly begins using Illusion Turn to outmaneuver Lucy, but the latter switches tactics to compensate. Lucy launches an attack at Aureriel, forcing Chiffon to take the hit instead. As her sister kneels wounded, Lucy takes the opportunity to say that she cannot comprehend the reason for Chiffon's actions. The wayward Legendary Pandora replies that Aureriel is her friend and that no harm shall come to her. Angered, Lucy derides Chiffon's actions and states that their only purpose is to become functioning Pandora. She declares that their father will never permit such foolish emotions.

Unexpectedly, the arguing sisters are interrupted by Aureriel, who confidently states that Gengo desired for his daughters to discover emotion. She explains that by having emotions and understanding the weak, one can gain great strength. Aureriel firmly believes that their father feels the same way. As she finishes, Aureriel is shot through the chest by a Chevalier sniper, much to Lucy and Chiffon's shock. The latter runs to her fallen friend and begs her not to die. Aureriel says that she can finally rest in peace, but Chiffon tearfully exclaims that she can still be saved, if they can get to her father in time. Aureriel informs Chiffon that accepting such things is simply part of being human and reminds her to never lose her smile. She encourages Chiffon to take her kindness and protect mankind before passing away. Devastated, Chiffon cries in anguish.

Back at Chevalier command, Hughes receives a report on the special ops team. The entire team was wiped out by Chiffon in retaliation for Aureriel's death.

The scene then jumps to 2063, Chiffon is on her way to West Genetics. A female passenger comments on her status as a Pandora and asks for her name. Chiffon introduces herself as "Chiffon Fairchild". 

Event NotesEdit

  • Lucy and Chiffon prove evenly matched in their fight.
  • Aureriel ends the fight, but is killed by a Chevalier special ops team.
  • Chiffon annihilates the soldiers in revenge. 
  • 40 years later, Chiffon prepares to enter West Genetics.

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